Plum Island Aerodrome, Inc. (PIA) offers a variety of services to a diverse and growing user base.

The Flying Community is welcome to take advantage of the following aviation services:

  • Flight Instruction
  • Aircraft Fueling Station with 100LL Fuel
  • Parking Tiedowns
  • Airframe Service (Minor)
  • Powerplant Service (Minor).

Recreational services are available year-round to the General Public , weather permitting. These include Glider Rides and Scenic Flights.

Plum Island Aerodrome hosts a broad range of Community Services for schools, youth groups, community organizations, and the general public . Educational services include field trips, museum tours, and aircraft restoration workshops. PIA opens its doors to the general public for monthly pot luck Sundays, annual fly-ins, and historic tour stopovers.

PIA also accommodates sponsored community events by groups and individuals. In these cases, PIA closes airport operations and makes its grounds available for the recurring or one-time event. The Plum Island airfield has been the selected site for youth group activities, aviation related organizations, non-profit benefit fundraisers, government award ceremonies, and special occasion ceremonies for private citizens.

PIA opens its airport operations and airfield for humanitarian, safety and environmental public services. These include:

  • Emergency medical evacuations
  • Coast Guard rescue operations
  • Massachusetts National Guard flights for emergency services
  • State aviation missions
  • Massachusetts New England Mosquito Control for environmentally safe spraying of surrounding communities as a matter of public health, safety and comfort.
24 Plum Island Turnpike, Newbury, MA 01951 Phone: 978.463.4222